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Introducing MOMENTS-MERGE - a collection of photographs merged in unique combinations, creating new inventive storylines with large spaces for interpretation.

Most of the imagery has never been seen by the public or printed until now. All works of Moments-Merge will only be printed once, making each one an original.

Subject matter is vastly wide, offbeat and poetic. From descending ravens upon road skids, to Forbidden City tourists that emerged from a forest to take pictures of a carnival ride. The imagery was chosen from archives of travels, both international and around the American west - most notably the Mojave desert, my home in California.

The blurred-motion look appearing frequently is created live in the camera, during the moment. Scenes are purposefully shot with the lens set in a soft focus, and often I or the subjects are in motion. I started using this technique in the early 90’s - making it a trademark style of mine for over two decades.

I shoot this way for a few reasons. It generates moments with simplified shapes, filled with buttery colors that lend a feeling of a surreal dream or painting. Another is how it dulls the details, lessening the noise, simplifying what the brain reads which ultimately helps storylines to be understood quicker.

Some images carry a cinematic tone, reminding me of a scene in an art film that’s been paused on a theater screen. Hence, the cropping of some images are ratio-sized, similar to a widescreen format in movie making. This extreme cropping simplifies storylines even further, making them a perfect merge that plays well with others.

Moments-Merge has been in design for many years, containing a prolific volume of works. The first release of works, a portion of the collection, is this Summer, 2019.

- Paul Hadley

Production details:

Works are presented in diptychs, triptychs and quadriptychs. Each image is framed separately.

Sizes roughly range between 7’ wide up to 12’ high and some others ranging 9’-15’ wide by 3’- 7’ high.

The full collection is separated into several series. A portion of each series will be released in increments.

Certain works share a repeated moment, the center symbol of a particular series - hinting of a reoccurring dream.

Also within a few select works, a self-portrait is placed, participating me again with scenes from my past.

All Moments-Merge are one of a kind, never to be duplicated.

Note: all sample imagery are rough example studies. Actual show is in production.